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At Goaliesmith, our policies around recruiting have proven to be successful year after year in helping Goalies find the right College program to be successful in, both on and off the field. We have also built relationships with College coaches that we value tremendously.  In order to best set our goalies up for success, and to honor these relationships that we’ve built, our policy is to discuss recruiting matters with only goalies themselves - no parent conversations or emails, and no exceptions. We do not offer a paid consultation service of any form. We do not take requests to be nominated for showcases, all star games, or anything of that nature. All in the name of honoring our relationships and keeping the goal to offer advice to goalies that helps them find a school where they will be successful.


What We Do Is

We host The Goaliesmith Experience (TGE), a Summer Camp featuring NCAA Recruiters from D1-D3, and MCLA. If you want to compete with the best, be coached by the best, and get the chance to perform in front of the best coaches.

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We offer unbiased, honest advice to goalies in order to help them through the recruiting process. We offer this advice in-person at training events and via email. Help us help you - Fill out the Recruiting form below so that we can better help advise you.

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Our staff will get back to you with honest, straightforward advice. This does not mean we will tell you how to get to the school of your dreams, it means we will give you our very best and honest advice on how to find a school you will be successful at on and off the field.


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