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The Playbook

"The Playbook" - a constantly growing video library of drills, training techniques and live streamed coaching sessions. Created for players, coaches and parents: gain access to our programming and coaching styles all year long. 

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Remote Coaching

Our Remote Coaching program is 4-weeks of personal training and film analysis. How it works: Goalies send in training footage, game film or questions, and receive next-day video responses from our staff with answers, personal coaching tips and drill recommendations. Limited spots. *The Remote Coaching program includes 4 weeks of access to the Playbook.

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Preview of the Playbook

Types of Content

Video Library

The Playbook will feature an extensive collection of categorized training and coaching videos. From shot-specific tips and drills to videos on how to program your own shooting sessions: the library is your new playbook for goalie training. New videos will be added monthly.

Trailer | The Playbook
Trailer | The Playbook
Low Angle Baiting | The Playbook
Low Angle Baiting | The Playbook



1 Month


one time payment.

3 Months


billed $15 on the 1st of each month.

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1 Year


one time payment at sign up.

Preview of Remote Coaching

Types of Content

Training Footage & Game Film

Our goal with this program is to use both Training Footage and Game Film to help goalies level up, improve a weakness, create smarter training habits and interact personally with our team of coaches. Those who participate in this program must be able to provide Training Footage weekly. Game Film can be current or from the previous season and is not a requirement to participate in this program.

Personalized Coaching

Just as we do on the field, our coaching will be personalized to every individual goalie that we train. You send us film, we analyze it and help you improve. We aim to get results, our staff will hold all goalies accountable for their progress in this program. Expect motivated coaches, and straight forward advice. 




1 Month


one time payment at sign up.

Includes The Playbook Membership
Starts June 11th
Ends July 11th
(July 4th Caveat)

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